Welcome to AlHussnain Seminary

AlHussnain Seminary is a non-profit, federally registered, Islamic Institute.
AlHussnain Seminary strives to:

  • Produce Scholars that are deeply rooted in their Islamic Knowledge, while understanding the needs of our American Muslim Communities.
  • Provide leaders to our American Muslim Communities that teach the true message of Love and peace in Islam.
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AlHussnain’s Mission & Vision

AlHussnain Seminary’s vision is to preserve, implement, and disseminate Islamic knowledge and to prepare and nurture our future leaders through sound, traditional understanding of the Islamic Sciences while focusing on challenges that Muslims in America face today.

We offer classes from intermediate to advanced at the hands of teachers that have been raised in the West and can connect with our young American Muslim students.

Salient Features


Arabic 360°

At AlHussnain we want to provide our students with a complete Arabic environment. Their books, classes and speech are all in Arabic. We want them completely surrounded by Arabic, a complete 360°.

Contemporary Fiqh

As Islam is a timeless religion, the students are taught how to practically apply the classical texts in modern day situations. The study of Islamic rulings that will help guide the student to the intricacies of the religion.


Students are taught how to spread and represent Islam with peace and love as was taught to us by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Students are taught how to integrate with their respective communities to serve them better.


A'alim Course

Our A’alim program is a rigorous 6 year course that aims to immerse our students in the fields of Islamic Knowledge so they can become the Khateebs, Imams, instructors and leaders of tomorrow.

Hifz & Maktab

This program aims to teach our students how to read the Qur’an fluently and commit it to memory. We also teach younger children basic duas, Islamic history and everyday fiqh matters.

Collegiate E-Learning

Understanding the needs of our ever advancing society, we have incorporated secular studies along with Islamic Studies to make sure our students have the tools they need to lead their American Muslim Communities.


At AlHussnain Seminary, we try to be one with the students. The teachers try to spend their time with the students and make themselves available at any time of day. We work on giving the students a comfortable, home-like environment. This is further facilitated through the round the clock supervision given by AlHussnain Seminary. The students are under the watchful eyes of their teachers and the seminary, as well as at their dorms. This helps build their character and mold them into cognizant members of society.