Our Programs

College (E-Learning)

College Studies

We at AlHussnain believe that our students along with earning their degree in Islamic Sciences should also be capable and productive in the secular education sector as well.

Our goal

Our collaboration with Western Governors University (WGU), Purdue Global University, and Study.com to offer college-level courses with an eventual goal of offering a bachelor’s degree offered to students who excel in their A’alim course academics and achieve at least 80% in their exams. Students are expected to complete between 15-21 college credit hours a year. These credits are transferable to most colleges.

Scope of Study

Our scope will be offering a bachelor’s degree in the following fields:


  1. Computer Science; with 7 sub-bachelors in IT, Software, Computer Science, Data Management, Networking, Cloud Services, and Cyber-security.
  2. Education; with 8 sub-bachelors in Elementary Education, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, High School Math, High School Chemistry, High School Biology, High School Physics, and High School Earth Science.
  3. Bachelor’s in Business.
  4. Bachelor’s in Marketing.
  5. Bachelor’s in Accounting.
  6. Bachelor’s in Finance.
  7. Bachelor’s in Human Resources.
  8. Bachelor’s in IT Management.

Enrollment in E-Learning

All students will have to attend mandatory general education classes for; Composition, Research Thesis, Speech, Religion, US History, Politics, Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. Enrollment is automatic for our A’alim Course Students.

*Students will have one hour of mandatory college studies everyday
day supervised by proctors.